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Tim Miles just doesn’t get it.

I, like most people, didn’t watch the Nebraska vs. USC basketball game last night. I had much better things to do like laying face down on the carpet asking my cat what I should do with my life. I did see that the Huskers won and then today I find this…

WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING? This is just the latest in a long line of horrible decisions made by the Miles administration. I know administration doesn’t really work for a coaching staff but I want to give this blog some political gravitas.  


Mistake 1 being nice to the fans and the media. Everyone knows the only way to handle fans and the media is to treat them with complete derision. They need to know you’re too busy coaching to have time to put up  with any of their bullshit. As a major coach, the only things we have time for is coaching and spending our outrageous salaries. I’m going to tell you a parable Timmy. Being nice to one fan one time is like teaching a man to fish. And as well all know, teach a man to fish and he’ll want to borrow your yacht and we don’t want this thing smelling like fish now do we. 



Mistake 2 focusing so much on recruiting. Let me tell you how real coaches look at recruiting.


Think about the rest of us Tim. If you get some good basketball players to come play at Nebraska, what do you think they’ll expect from the rest of us coaches? I don’t want to hear “Well Tim’s bringing in great recruits” when I go visit Shawn Itheworst. Besides getting good recruits leads you right into your third mistake.


Mistake 3 raising expectations. I know I’m getting pretty sophisticated with my analogies here but listen to this. Give a mouse a conference championship and he’ll expect a cookie. I don’t know if you were an English major Tim but a cookie is a metaphorical 3 or fewer loss season. Nobody wants that Tim. Nobody.




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