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Vanderbilt Dynasty

Vanderbilt B- over all vs. C overall Army Black Knights…off to a good start.

Win the toss, choose to defer. Take the ball motherfuckers.

First play of the game give up 9 yards. Off to a good start!

Two minutes into the first Army takes a 7-0 lead. I’m glad my defense can neither cover nor tackle.

Down 10-7 with 0:54 in the first half. Suck it Army!

Down 17-7 at half.

After several unsuccessful drives a fumble return for a touchdown puts Army up 31-9 with 3:20 left in the ball game. I’m really glad this game captures all the fumblin by QBs.

Once again my receivers decide that blocking the CB that hits them is much more important than hanging onto the ball….4th and nine from my own 25….time to go for it.


Despite rushing all 11 players Navy picks up 9 yards on 3rd and four. Those Army bastards win 31-9….Fuck!


0 responses to “Vanderbilt Dynasty

  1. zack ⋅

    you predicted the mavs would win the championship last year and you were right… who do you think will win it this year?

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