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The end of an era

On July 1st, the NBA lockout officially got underway. The craziest thing for me to think about is, if the lockout lasts the entire season, as many experts expect, then we will most likely never see Tim Duncan play another NBA game. One of the top 10 players of all time and greatest player of his generation will spend his last season locked out playing Halo, COD, and Dungeons and Dragons.

On the plus side, he’s much less likely to have some bad gatorade this year.

Twist coming! This post isn’t about Tim Duncan, it’s about his generation. We seem to be coming to the end of the post-Jordan era. By that I mean the group of stars that carried the league between Jordan’s retirement in 1998 and the stacked draft class of 2003.  Tim Duncan, Kobe, Shaq, KG, Dirk, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Jason Kidd and Steve Nash have been staples of the Association for more than a decade. Their reign started when the Duncan led Spurs won the title in 1999 and ended when Dirk’s Mavericks won the big one last month.

I don’ t know if there has ever been a more under-appreciated collection of stars than this group. Tim Duncan has always been too boring, Kobe is not MJ, Shaq just overpowered everybody. It saddens me that the stars I’ve grown up with are starting to fade. They’re the Derek Zoolander to LBJ,CP3, and D12’s Hansel.


I’m also conflicted on the Oxford comma.



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