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Congratulations Mavericks

I’m not the type to say “I told you so”…but I fucking told you so. FIRST EVER POST fucking called it.

Obvious font copying going on.

I came across this outstanding article the other day, and want to share it with you all. It articulates much more better’d than I ever could what so annoys me about American sports and fans.

“We demand our stars work harder, be more valiant, tougher, more cutthroat, less sensitive, more solipsistic, less socialistic, develop a killer instinct, dominate, crush, destroy, show no weakness, dispense with humor unless using it to mock, have unwavering confidence in personal greatness, ignore doubt, reject fear, embrace hero status. But this is not courageous. This is stupid.”

I think it’s because so many people are reading correlation as causation. People think that because Russell and Jordan and many other superstars have been single-mindedly  competitive, that it’s a require trait for greatness. Some players have made a career out of faking it…Kobe, and because he wasn’t a demonstrative dick to his teammates, Tim Duncan got labeled as an emotionless android.

Would a robot have a face like that?

Even now hardly anybody is talking about Dirk finally getting a ring without changing his mentality. The news is about how LeBron lost it because he doesn’t have the “killer mentality.” Am I taking crazy pills?

Also, listening to Jalen Rose on ESPNRadio. He Mad about not getting a ring.

I just love this and had to get it in somehow.


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